How to set up your Aircast boot

The Aircast boot walker is used to provide support after severe ankle sprains, foot fractures and foot or ankle surgery. It’s also used to manage oedema.

One of the benefits of the Aircast boot walker is the control it gives you as the wearer. You can adjust the straps and the air-cell pockets on the side walls of the brace to make it as comfortable as possible. The key is setting it up so that you’re still getting the support you need.

To set up your Aircast boot, you’ll need to wear a cotton cast sock over the injured foot (a).

  1. Sit down and straighten out your leg. Position your heel against the back of the cast (c).
  2. Wrap the liner over the front of your foot, and smooth out any wrinkles in the liner fabric (b).
  3. Set the protective plate (d) over your shin and the top of your foot.
  4. Tuck the lips on the bottom of the plate inside the boot by the foot.
  5. Wrap the lips on the vertical part of the plate around the boot.
  6. Tighten the straps on the front of the Aircast boot, working from the bottom strap up the boot until the straps are snug and comfortable.

Next, you need to inflate the air cells in the boot.

Inflating your Aircast boot

There are three air cells around the Aircast boot. Each one has a number:

  • 1 is on the inside of the ankle
  • 2 is on the outside of the ankle and
  • 3 is at the back.

You’ll need to inflate them one at a time. To inflate each air cell:

  1. Twist the dial on the side of the boot to the number that corresponds to the cell you want to pump (1,2 or 3).
  2. Push on the cushioned black button above the dial about 10 times.
  3. Repeat for the other 2 cells.

The boot should feel secure and comfortable around your leg.

We advise you wear a trainer which has a slight platform on your non-injured foot, or add an “Even up shoe raise” to your normal flat shoe.

You should deflate the air cells completely before removing the Aircast boot.

Deflating your Aircast boot

You’ll need to deflate the air cells one at a time. To let the air out of each air cell:

  1. Twist the dial on the side of the boot to the number that corresponds to the air cell you want to deflate.
  2. Push the small black button underneath the cushioned black button until you stop hearing air being released.

If your leg or foot gets uncomfortable you can partially deflate the air cells.