Bank Physiotherapy Clinic

We have a treatment room in the Stone Bank.

Although your initial session will take place in our treatment room, after that we may run some sessions in the gym, exercise studio or the swimming pool, depending on what you need.

Down the line we may move outdoors, working on your strength and agility in the park. Again, it depends on your injury, your sport and what you want to achieve. We can talk about it at your first appointment.

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Anjulie van den Berg
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There are many factors that influence how the body heals. It’s important to find the core of the problem, then assess what may be slowing down recovery and incorporate things that do the opposite.

Anjulie van den Berg
BSc (Hons) mCSP HCPC
Chartered Physiotherapist

PhysioMotion Bank

Stone Bank
52 Cornhill
020 3422 6655 020 3422 6655

Appointment times:
Monday to Friday 7am-8pm

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